About us

Since 1988 research and innovation for aeronautic and energy industries

NCM is a manufacturing company, founded in 1988 in Foligno (PG), committed to excellence in the aeronautic and energy sectors for more than 35 years.

Technology for Turbomachinery

The progress made over the years, allowed NCM to become an highly developed technology center chosen by major global players in the aeronautical and Power Generation sectors.

While remaining linked to our territory, whose principles and values we share, we operate internationally in the aeronautics and Power Generation sectors. 

We manufacture components and assemblies, complete with special processes and functional tests.

We are a solid and constantly expanding industrial reality, and we create value also through the network we can rely on.


Through the supply of components for the combustion section of turbomachinery, we develop skills and knowledge while remaining focused on the culture of execution.


Being the leading supplier of components and assemblies for the combustion section of turbomachinery in Europe.


Ethics and values guide each of our strategies and actions: we firmly believe that there is no getting away from sharing principles and visions for common growth, both as a company and as a society of which we are a part.

Creazione di Valore /
Value creation

We work with discipline towards a major goal: to increase the value of the company and ensure its sustainability over time.

Rispetto / Respect

We listen carefully, respond clearly and transparently, we always allow a second chance; nobody is left behind unless they want.

Orgoglio / Pride

We are proud to be part of a team, our Values are the compass; the pleasure of doing a priority goal.

Merito / Merit

We recognize to employees their contributions to value creation.


We invest to ensure a competitive advantage for our clients, by equipping ourselves with state-of-the-art technologies, technical expertise of absolute specialization, an efficient production and organizational structure, as well as an important and secure supply chain network based on quality and reliability.

High-Quality Products and Services

We provide high-tech products and services for the Aeronautics, Power Generation, and Oil & Gas sectors. With our extensive technological capabilities, we deliver integrated and complex assemblies.

EN 9100 & Nadcap Compliant

We work according to the highest quality and certification standards at both system and control/process levels.

Engineering Support

We leverage the experience and know-how of our engineering team to support Clients from the concurrent engineering phase to the industrialization and series production.

Innovation and Efficiency

We consistently invest in researching new production technologies, integrating processes, and embracing digitalization to achieve state-of-the-art efficiency.

Health, safety and environment: our ecological transition


NCM is located in Foligno, about 150 km north of Rome and 180 km south of Florence
NCM Headquarter & Production site: Via Vici, 34
HTC, NCM Company: Via Giuliani, 28


2000 sqm covered
Machining and welding:
8600 sqm covered
1600 sqm covered
Assembling and tests:
5400 sqm covered
Special Processes [HTC]:
4000 sqm covered
Umbria Aerospace Cluster

NCM is a member of the Umbria Aerospace Cluster, an association that represents and promotes local companies operating in the aeronautics, space, and defence sectors, both within and outside Umbria.
The Association aims to create ties between the companies in order to strengthen synergies, share market skills and opportunities, support internationalization, and promote innovation, to make the Cluster a point of reference for both the national and the international market.

Confindustria Umbria

NCM is associated with Confindustria Umbria, a regional association representing manufacturing and service companies and guaranteeing its members integrated services, personalized advice, assistance, information, and innovative solutions.

Our group

HTC, which stands for High Technology Center, is a center of excellence for the application of unconventional special processes such as plasma coating, HVOF, and EBW.

In 2006, NCM led a network of local companies to establish HTC, “High Technology Center“, investing in special processes to expand the range of capabilities available and provide fully verticalized products to our clients.
In 2023, NCM completes the acquisition of HTC’s shares, becoming a single industrial group. This milestone allows for greater integration and is a further boost for growth.
As a controlled company of NCM, HTC is strategically located in close proximity to NCM, ensuring collaboration and maximum process efficiency.

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