NCM FAMILY DAY 2023: much more than just a party!

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  • NCM FAMILY DAY 2023: much more than just a party!

Saturday, September 30th, 2023 was a day where the ordinary became extraordinary. The everyday workplace was filled with a festive atmosphere during a time dedicated entirely to employees and their families.
On this occasion, in addition to a time of sharing, we also celebrated 35 years since the founding of NCM in 1988 and showed to family and friend the new NCM corporate image.
Games and entertainment for children and adults, a rich buffet and tours of the plant departments and offices filled the morning. Long-time and newly hired employees guided their families through the places where their workday takes place, fascinated children discovered where moms and dads work.
The great participation in the event, once again, demonstrated the closeness between people, and the desire to spend time together amid smiles, joy and sharing.
Thank you to everyone who participated and made the day special!