NCM presents its new corporate image

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A new chapter in the history of NCM
After 35 years, NCM is proposing the first real restyling of its brand, as part of a rebranding campaign to revamp the corporate image by making it symbolic of the change that has taken place in both industrial positioning and management.

The why

The company has developed significantly over the past years. Over the years NCM has become an highly developed technology center capable of providing cutting edge technologies for the manufacturing of turbomachinery, integrating the former expertise of numerical control manufacturing. Hence also the new payoff: Technology for Turbomachinery.

The concept

Underlying NCM’s new corporate image is the idea of modernity and dynamism that follow the process of change it has gone through in recent years. In addition, it was intended to give an essential and technical slant, representing the company’s activity as an evolved technological center.

The elements

The pictogram formed by the belts of numerically controlled machines was replaced by the stylized image of a turbomachine. In order to maintain continuity with the current image and thus with the company’s historicity, the same elements were taken up but reworked on the basis of the rotary motion of a turbine. The production of components for the hot part of turbomachinery represents NCM’s core business to date, whether gas turbines or aircraft engines.

Even the logotype has not been excluded from substantial changes: the font chosen is a simple but effective sans serif, which aligns well with the company’s technical and modern identity.

The colors, blue and grey, have been retained, but revisited. The shade of blue is made bolder to communicate values such as solidity, reliability, and authority. The gray is turned to silver as a textural reference to the world of industry and machinery.

Our Values, Mission and Vision

The corporate identity is represented by the graphic framework declined on the various channels, and by a new set of Values, Mission and Vision.

Oriented towards Value Creation, NCM is guided by principles such as Respect, Pride and Merit, demonstrating a healthy and growing company.

Anchored in the concept of Customer Satisfaction, NCM’s mission is to develop skills and knowledge while remaining focused on the culture of execution, through the supply of components for the hot part of turbines. Indeed, the vision that guides the company’s operations is to be a leader in the global market for the supply of components and assemblies for the combustion section of turbomachinery.