The NCM Group

NCM completes the acquisition of HTC’s shares, becoming a single industrial group.

In 2006, NCM led a network of local companies to establish HTC, “High Technology Center“, investing in special processes to expand the range of capabilities available and provide fully verticalized products to our clients.

Over the years, NCM has acquired a majority stake in HTC, which has become increasingly crucial to the group’s development. As a center of excellence for the application of unconventional special processes, HTC plays a strategic role in the manufacturing processes of parts produced by NCM. Technologies such as HVOF, plasma coating and EBW are among the most innovative in the industry and ensure compliance with the highest standards in the production of components for the combustion part of turbomachines, as well as high performance in the automotive sector.

For these reasons, and in order to grow and achieve its goals, in 2023 NCM concluded the process of acquiring HTC. The new structure will enable greater integration, strength and maximum efficiency of processes.