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We are always looking for new talents: join our growing industrial group!


Work environment


We promise excellence to our clients and expect high performance and quality from ourselves.


We work to be the best possible teammates to achieve goals together. As in a true team, everyone is empowered to perform at their full potential.


The feedback process is a strength of the company at every level, a tool that supports the growth and well-being/balance of the employee and the organization.

Recruitment process

In NCM, staff recruitment is carried out through a well-defined process.

  • CV analysis and shortlisting: the HR team reviews the applications received and chooses the most suitable profiles.
  • Interview with HR and Head of Department: introductory and exploratory interview, which could lead to a second meeting with management or to a practical test.
  • Outcome: feedback to the applicant, whether successful or not.

We collaborate with Technical High Schools, Universities, and highly specialized post-diploma technical Academies, such as ITS Umbria Academy, through the activation of internships (both curricular and
extracurricular) and apprenticeships at our facility.

Training and professional development paths

We are constantly investing in training paths, with the aim of enhancing our know-how and encouraging our employees to bring their own expertise to the development of the company and to the research of innovative solutions, at the production and technological level.
In addition to technical and specific training courses, in NCM we join the following training programs to improve our managerial knowledge and skills.

  • APICS – CIPM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management).
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • WCM (World Class Manufacturing)

Send your application

We are looking for people to share ambitions with, driven by motivation, willingness to learn and adaptability. These are the qualities to succeed in a growing group like us.

We will work together for excellence, building relationships and sharing the same vision.

We choose people who value respect, merit, and work passionately toward value creation.